‘WANTED’ Woman Wants A Better Photo To Be Used By The Media. Sends It Herself.

Almost every girl is conscious about her looks nowadays. Taking perfect pictures seems like a never-ending trend. But there are a few who are so obsessed with ‘looking good’ all the time that they want a pretty picture of theirs, wherever it is put, be it social media or a newspaper, and one such is Amy Sharp.


Amy Sharp, 18, an Australian woman who is in the wanted list in connection with property related offences, has requested a TV channel that they use a better picture of hers while they report on her, as states a media report. After breaking out of a police station in Sydney last week, she even fled police custody.

In order to catch the woman as soon as possible, police issued a statement along with two of her photographs, which were aired on TV channels as well. In the words of the Sydney Morning Herald, the woman’s pictures as well as the police statement were uploaded into TV channel Sydney’s 7 News Facebook page. This made the manhunt take a completely unexpected turn.


Amazingly, Amy Sharp herself turned out to be the very first person to comment on the photos and the story. It was then when she uploaded a more flattering picture of hers in the comments section along with a request stating, “Can you use this photo please, and thank you. Yours truly Amy Sharp XX”, said the report.