The enormous variety of dishes that Bihar's ethnic food boasts of has made it incredibly popular.

We've compiled a list of some mouthwateringly unique Bihari cuisines that will tantalise your taste buds.

1.Kesar Pedas-Kesar Pedas, a sweet treat to start with, are a crucial component of this state's cuisine.

2.Dal Peetha-Similar to momos, these rice-flour-based Bihari dumplings are filled with lentil.

3. Khaja-Another Bihari snack that you just can’t resist having is Khaja which is made of wheat, sugar and mawa.

4. Litti Choka-This dish does not need an introduction. It is one of the gems of Bihari recipes.

5. Mutton and Reshmi Kebabs-The scrumptious non-vegetarian delicacies like mutton kebabs and reshmi kebabs are other stars of Bihari cuisine.

6. Malpua-a fried dish prepared with milk, flour, bananas, and sugar that is syrupy and sweet.

7. Kadhi Badi-Another staple in a Bihari kitchen which is made of gram flour is Kadhi Badi.

8. Rasia-This is a special type of kheer prepared during Chatt Puja.

9. Naivedyam-In the well-known Hanuman Mandir close to Patna Railway Station, this delicious selection is offered as prashad.

10. Laung Latika-This one is a traditional sweet of Bihari culture which you can specifically relish during festivals.