Although India is renowned for being the home of spices, there is no justification for undervaluing the enormous range of sweets it offers.

Each of the country's four major regions—North, East, South, and West—strives to emphasise its uniqueness and traditions through their sweets.

1) Kulfi-This frozen dairy dish, also called as "traditional Indian ice cream," is available in a variety of flavours, including cream (malai), rose, mango, saffron, etc.

2) Gulab Jamun-These deep-fried balls are made from freshly curdled milk or milk solids (khoya), and they are served with rose syrup to make you and your stomach happy.

3) Gajar Ka Halwa-Carrot halwa is a sweet dessert pudding enjoyed at all occasions and by people of all ages.

4) Kaju Katli-This candy, which is prepared from kaju (cashew) paste and sugar syrup, is well-known throughout the nation, not only in the north.

5) Rasgulla-Soaked and dripping in sugar syrup, these balls are made from chenna (Indian cottage cheese) and originate from West Bengal.

6) Mishti Doi-It is basically fermented sweet yogurt and is extremely famous in West Bengal, Bangladesh and Odisha.

7) Cham Cham-Available in various colors and flavors, the one thing constant is the coating of coconut shavings.

8) Sheer Korma-It is a vermicelli pudding made with dried dates with milk and is prepared by Muslims during Eid.

9) Qubani Ka Meetha-This well-known delicacy from Hyderabadi cuisine is made with dried apricots.

10) Puran Poli-It is a sweet flatbread with a filling of jaggery and is native to Maharashtra.

11) Karanji-They are fried sweet dumplings with a common filling of dry or moist coconut variants.

12) Aamras-Aamras is basically the pulp of the mango fruit which is popularly and heartily eaten with chapati.