Few places on god’s mighty earth shine with as much timelessness as they are drenched in natural beauty. 

But it is Europe where one’s feet walk on many histories; a surface that’s mired in facts, the moment one says let’s go to Europe our eyes light up.

And if so, then what are 5 of the lesser-visited places in Europe? Let’s find out.

1) Innsbruck, Austria-Do not miss the Town Square, the simple albeit jovial Maria-Theresien square, home to countless eateries, shopping arcades, and Innsbruck’s very own Hark Rock Café.

2) Baden-Baden, Germany-f you happen to visit southwestern Germany, and find yourself surrounded in surreal black forests

3) Grindelwald, Switzerland-so we know Switzerland for Luzerne’s epic simplicity, Zurich’s commercial expanse, Geneva’s flower clock and fountains

4) Volos, Greece-visit Volos, 330 km north of Athens, and soak up some sun at the Anavros beach,  gorge on myriad Greek restaurants in Old Town

5) Sevastopol, Russia-This beautiful port city, a major part of the Crimean Peninsula today, is laced with picturesque museums and fortresses

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