There was a time in our lives when we were living in a far simpler age.

There was reliance on human contact than on technological communication.

But, as we have got on with our busy lives in the 21st century.

A burning sense of isolation has stemmed from the morose and tedious tasks of leading a packed life, leaving us in a fidgety mindset.

Depression, after all may be more than a silent killer, whose ultimate hit is delivered not by fatal physical blows but by sheer mental rupturing.

It takes some simple, meaningful steps to beat depression out of your lives. We take a look at 5 such simple measures:

1)  Avoid staying alone-If you are suffering from some sort of anxiety or depression, then make it a point to not remain aloof or alone.

2)  Develop a positive mindset- focus on the positive and take control of all negative thoughts.

3)  Pray-You may belong to any religion, cast or creed but you ought to make time for praying.

4)  Make time for your hobbies or interests-It is far more beneficial and healthy in all aspects to make time for any activity we like to pursue and get going with it.

5)  Stay focused on the future- Focus on your future and what you need to do in order to accomplish a healthy, bright and happy future.

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