Salary Day is indeed one of the happiest days in every person’s life.

We are pretty sure that each one of us would have thought of doing something insanely fun while we received our salary.

Check out the below given list of crazy things people do on their salary day:

Buy That Long Wanted Dress-The first thing that we shopaholics do after receiving our salary is buying that dress.

Treat Themselves to a Fancy Dinner-The first thing they be spending their pay is on a fancy restaurant offering scrumptious delicacies

Go Makeup Shopping-All the makeup lovers rush to their favorite luxe store and buy as much makeup as possible. 

Buy Something for Their Dog-All the dog lovers rush to buy something or the other for their dog on their pay day.

Buy Expensive Accessories-Who doesn’t love buying expensive accessories when they have cash in hand.

Travel to Their Favorite Place-Well, that trip one has been planning for so long has to be done when salary is received.

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