James Douglas Morrison, who may have silently nodded in approval to the above DNA of a true artist or musician isn’t around anymore. 

 But that doesn’t take anything away from the legend of a man better known as Jim Morrison.

Jim Morrison, born December 8, 1943- July 3, 1971 did that with an ecstatic appeal. 

Here’s looking at some amazing facts and facets that make Jim Morrison a cultural icon of Rock and an infallible poet at the same time.

1) How did the ‘The Doors’ come to be named-‘The Doors of Perception’, Morrison derived the name of one of Rock history’s greatest all time bands, The Doors.

2) His IQ-It has been widely documented that Jim’s IQ of 149 was several notches above normal beings.

3) Not owning cars in life-Morrison, rich by hefty standards during those tumultuous 1960s and early 70s (1973 he died), was widely known to be a ‘walker’.

4) Ghosts entering his soul-Morrison shared that spirits of the dead lying haplessly from the fatality entered his soul 

5) Not meeting his family ever-There haven’t been any records that suggest that Morrison ever met his family once he became the legendary musician at the peak of his powers.

6) A harsh father, a family that couldn’t care less-Son of a strict disciplinarian father who served in the US Navy where he was a rare admiral and also a naval aviator. 

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