29 year old Lionel Messi has been the phenomenon that has spirited the world of football with triumphs

The only footballer in the history to have won 5 FIFA Ballons d’Or (an annual association football award given to best male athlete).

It’s time we attempted to do a little prognosis of the man behind that sculpted frame:

1) A lover boy-Messi was barely 19 when he came into his first major relationship, also the most defining one of his life. 

2) Mama’s boy-One of Lionel Messi’s best possessions is the tattoo of his mother, Celia’s face inked on his shoulder.

3) A celebrated record scoring spree-Messi has the heart of a lion and possesses and inexcusably voracious appetite for goal-scoring.

4) Going for a napkin instead of a piece of paper-when he couldn’t find a paper to execute Messi’s football contract, he gave Messi a piece of napkin paper for his official signatures.

5) The destructor of Arsenal-Messi has better goalscoring record against Arsenal than he has against any other British club.

6) Messi = Agility-But what has helped Messi in his sport is his massive agility.

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