This is probably one of the most easily recognised statements considering Gujarati people like to leave a mark anywhere and everywhere they go, literally. 

Here is a list of some really awesome Gujarati dishes:

This dish includes a variety of root vegetables, raw banana, eggplant and muthiya (fenugreek fritters).

1) Undhiyu

This melt-in-your-mouth snack is made from cooking gram flour and curd together.

2) Khandvi

Chick pea flour, fenugreek leaves and whole wheat flour are combined together, rolled up into separate, smaller portions and then fried or steamed.

3) Muthiya

It is also a favourite for travellers to carry in their bags.

4) Thepla

Yes, the yellow one is khaman and the white one is dhokla and they are different.

5) Khaman

khichu is extremely healthy since its rice flour and spices cooked in boiling water and garnished with oil and red chilli powder.

6) Khichu
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