The Parsi community has become an integral part of Mumbai.

They have been here for a long time and have integrated their culture and cuisine into everyone’s lives.

If you ever crave for an authentic Parsi meal, these places should definitely be on your wishlist:

1) Cafe Irani Chaii-I’m going to go all Janice and say: OH. MY. GOD.

2) Kyani & Co.-This cute little cafe is all that you could ask for when you wish upon an Parsi food star!

3) Sassanian-Make sure you have the Pallonji Raspberry Soda!

4) Cafe Excelsior-Kheema Pav = Love.

5) Cafe Military-Want to try typical Parsi biryani ? Come here.

6) Jimmy Boy-There is no place that serves better mutton pulao. Promise.

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