When we think of Indian food all that comes in our mind is rich flavour of spices, fine aroma and various varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

We at TrendMantra present to you 6 unusual bizarre dishes which are a part of our diverse Indian Cuisine. Check them out

For the tribal’s of Chhatisgarh, Chaprah is famous chutney which adds flavour to their food.

1)  Chaprah

When you visit Nagaland you’ll find snail stew and steamed hornet larvae and silkworm curry being famously sold on streets

2)  Snail Stew and Steamed Hornets

For them frog leg is a delicacy they can relish on for their entire life.

3)  Frog Legs

This dish hails from Meghalaya and North-Eastern part of India. Doh Khleh is pork and onion salad.

4)  Doh Khleh

Goa offers a bizarre dish known as Sorpotel or Chouricos which is a symbol of Portuguese influence.

5)  Sorpotel

It is a rice dish which is cooked with either chicken or pig blood and entrails.

6)  Jadoh
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