Many businesses have benefited from the use of drones by saving time, reducing costs, and offering workable solutions for routine tasks.

Check out our blog article, where we have highlighted 7 businesses adopting drones for useful delivery solutions, to learn more.

1. Uber-
Uber has been doing a fantastic job of offering its customers outstanding travel services. Additionally, it declared in 2018 that drones will be used to facilitate Uber-Eats services.

2. Amazon-
A few years ago, Amazon decided to use drones to do home deliveries, which has since improved the convenience of people's lives.

3. Facebook-
 Facebook started deploying small planes as internet connection aircraft to improve their services. In order to test solar-powered internet drones in Australia, it partnered with Airbus.

4. Microsoft-
A Chinese drone manufacturer, announced their cooperation in the year 2018 with plans to employ drones and deliver new tools for software developers.

5.  BBC-
Since 2013, the BBC has been one of the earliest broadcasters in the UK to use drones for this purpose.

6. Walmart-
opted to start using drones to deliver retail packages in the year 2016 and it is still doing so now.

7. UPS-
In collaboration with a California-based drone company, UPS has started using drones to deliver medications.