While going to the gym is wonderful, eating well is just as vital.It is essentially what allows you to substantially reduce your calorie intake.

The following are some fantastic substitutions to add to your diet:

1)  Milk Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate-Milk Chocolate bars contain refined sugars and saturated fats which are known to cause adverse health issues.

2)  Sour Cream vs. Yogurt-Whole milk yogurt contains less than half the calories that sour cream has. It also has a boost of 16% more calcium compared to sour cream.

3)  French Fries vs. Baked Potato-They are dangerously high in sodium, trans fats and calories and ace in artery clogging. A better substitute to this addictive food item is baked potato.

4)  Croutons vs. Walnuts- Replace croutons with walnuts as they contain the right amount of protein, fiber and fat, but also provide long-lasting energy.

5)  Apricots vs. Melon-Melon should be used in place of the high-sugar apricots since it doesn't even produce bloating and is excellent for toning the abdominal muscles.

6)  All Purpose Flour vs. Whole Wheat Flour-If you’re not ready to  completely replace your flour, it’s still okay. Make it half and half while baking. You’ll still gain three times more fiber 

7)  Kale vs. Spinach-Kale, sadly, has one serious drawback: it contains a lot of sugar that is long-lastingly undigested. However, spinach is a water-rich food and keeps you full.