Stretching may not be a very exciting part of everyone’s workout routine, however, it is certainly an imperative one. 

If you want to benefit from them, it is important to do these stretching exercises appropriately.

Reduces risk of physical injury: If you perform stretching exercises on a regular basis, you are less likely to injure or strain your joints

Helps relieve stress: Simple stretching exercises can help you relieve muscle tension, which in turn reduces stress levels.v

Enhanced flexibility: Stretching your body regularly may help make your body more supple and flexible.

Better posture: Tight muscles may result in a poor posture. Hence, basic stretching exercises can be carried out to help get rid of this postural problem in due course of time.

Increased energy levels: Stretching leads to better blood flow in your body, causing a spike in energy levels.

Helps reduce tension headaches: Tension headaches may interfere with one’s work performance, To reduce them you can add stretching exercises to your schedule. 

Improved sleep:It is believed that lower stress levels lead to improved sleep and longer sleep patterns.

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