Even Anushka Sharma chose to go on a breakfast date in England rather than the customary lunch or dinner plans.

Interestingly, the actress was eating her first meal of the day with her parents rather than her husband Virat Kohli!

Breakfast date with the parents, Anushka Sharma captioned her Instagram photo.

Four images from her delicious breakfast date in North Yorkshire were shared by her.

She appears to be preparing for her impending position as a cricket player in England.

Ajay Kumar and Ashima Sharma, Anushka Sharma's parents, paid her a visit while she was in the city, and she treated them to a fantastic brunch date.

Being a great coffee fan, Anushka Sharma savoured a wonderful cup of black coffee.

As shown in the photos, her parents appear to have consumed orange juice and kombucha tea.

Other treats we spotted in Anushka Sharma's breakfast date photos included an almond croissant, sourdough bread, and fruit bread.