A recent story abuzz on social media is about actor Amitabh Bachchan facing a legal notice for allegedly wrongly 

Crediting a poem shared on his social media accounts by Dr.Jabeer Rathee, claiming ownership of the original piece.

It is important to look beyond it and examine the larger issue of copyright violation 

The legal or artistic consequences it has brought for several cases in .

1.  Abhishek Kapoor Vs Excel Entertainment over script credits for ‘Rock On!! 2’-The case is still pending in court.

2.  Kunal Kohli Vs Jyoti Kapoor over plagiarism charge on the movie ‘Phir Se’

3.  SRK plagiarism controversy over AIMA speech4. 

4.  Fareed Zakaria plagiarizing case for CNN columns

5.  Ram Sampath Vs Roshans over ‘Krazzy 4’ music

6.  Kaavya Vishwanathan – Opal Mehta controversy

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