There are many cases and complaints lodged against the Bollywood stars and many of them have already served their punishment. 

Here are 10 celebrities who spent their time in jail because of the heinous crimes they committed:

1) Ankit Tiwari-Ankit Tiwari was sentenced prison on 8th May last year for allegedly raping his friend.

2) Fardeen Khan-He spent 5 days in jail before he was bailed for the crime of buying drugs illegally.

3) Madhubala-The Beauty Queen, Madhubala was arrested and sent to jail because of taking the signing amount and later refusing to work in a film.

4) Sonali Bendre-Because some of the religious people opposed her posing inappropriately for a magazine cover, Sonali Bendre was arrested by the police

5) Shiney Ahuja-The “Gangster” fame Shiney Ahuja was sentenced to 7 years when he was accused of raping his maid in his own apartment.

6) John Abraham-John Abraham was accused of rash driving and hitting 2 people from his bike in the year 2006. He was arrested and later bailed.

7) Saif Ali Khan-Reportedly Chotte Nawab got in a fight with a boy when he was out for lunch with Kareena & Karishma Kapoor.

8) Monica Bedi-Monica Bedi was arrested from Portugal along with the underworld don Abu Salem.

9) Sanjay Dutt-Sanjay Dutt has been proved to keep war weapons in his home that were used in the Mumbai serial blasts.

10) Salman Khan-He has a whole bunch of illegal complaints against him; hit and run case 2002 & shooting antelopes during a shoot.

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