THE HOLLYWOOD EFFECT-Hollywood has changed the face of Hindi cinema as it has been strongly influenced by genres like action, sci fi and the visual effects

2)  FRESH FACES-When we catch the first glimpse of a movie, we often see a new face and wonder, “Arre, ye kaunsa actor hain, first time dekha!”

3)  EXPERIMENTING WITH DIFFERENT THEMES-The 90s era saw filmmakers venturing into various genres like horror, suspense, action, thriller, romantic- comedy.

4)  BIOPICS AND BOOK ADAPTATIONS-Over the past few years, Bollywood has produced several movies based on the life of a famous personality.

5)  THE TRANSFORMED VILLAIN-Our traditional villains have been replaced by grey shaded characters shown as anti heroes

6)  THE ROLE OF HEROINES-Actresses can now carry the movie on their shoulders and are no longer playing a supporting role

7)  THE  CHANGE IN DIALOUGES-Dialogues in present day cinema are less sentimental and more wacky like “Silent Ho Jayo Varna Main Violent Hojaunga”.

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