A certain percentage of emp-loyees are attracted to jobs that are ‘location-independent’. 

Some feel that by working from home they can give more attention to their family, spend less time traveling and it gives them the flexibility of work hours.

Here are some common problems faced by employees who work from home for long hours:

On paper, you may be working for only a fixed duration, however, in reality, there is a hidden need to remain connected to your employer/colleagues/clients.

1) Working round the clock

you are away from home and when your stress levels touch the roof, you do have a comfort zone to come back to.

2) No comfort zone

If you stay with other people in your house, there is a chance you will get distracted.

3) Lower productivity

The absence of other team members may lead you to lose out on your motivation to get up each morning and start working.

4) Lack of motivation

Presently, working from home is more of a necessity due to the recent pandemic.Maintaining the right balance of working hours is key!

5) Out of the loop
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