Many say it is difficult to gain something but really hard to lose it. This theory is not applicable to gaining weight. 

But to lose all that you’ve gained requires blood, sweat and tears and that is not easy to come by.

When you’re committed to a diet to shed the extra weight, there is no harm in trying out new things to help you.

Green coffee is an extract of unroasted green coffee beans.

As these beans have not been roasted yet, they still have a high amount of chlorogenic acid which is essential for treating diabetes, heart disease and weight loss.

 These beans are used as a weight-loss supplement

Advantages:-1) Helps in weight loss.2) Reduces risk of heart diseases.3) Reduces blood pressure4) Curbs Diabetes.5) Helps control dietary intake.

Disadvantages:-1) Does not help obese patients.2) Tests on mice show increase in weight.3) Headaches.4) People have reported allergic reactions.5) Can cause severe urinary infection.

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