When you are a Bollywood fan, every little detail related to the world of stars interests you like anything.

Talking of stars, we know many of you might wonder at times that who are Hollywood highest paid actors?

 We are here to answer that for you by offering you a sneak peek into the highest paid Bollywood actors.

Akshay Kumar-Considering the fan following and stardom Akshay has achieved in the film industry over the years, He charges around 100 crores per film.

Aamir Khan-The second one on our list is the serene Aamir Khan who charges not a penny less than 75-80 crores per movie.

Salman Khan-With Akshay and Aamir topping the chart, how can our Sallu Bhai be far behind, He charges around 70-75 crores per film.

Ajay Devgan-Ajay Devgan charges a handsome sum of 35-50 crores for entertaining his audiences.

Ranveer Singh-Mr. Singh also earns a cool amount of money which ranges between 40-45 crores for each movie he does.

Ranbir Kapoor-This handsome man is also an expensive personality. He charges around 25 crores per film.

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