People from Hiroshima and Nagasaki don’t often like to recall events of the bygone era.

The second world war was one of the most catastrophic events of the modern day world.

Moral damage and sidelined any possible chances of any emotional and physical recovery given the colossal damage 

 It was America and Britain that gathered momentum and brought about the Western European nation’s downfall in the final occurring. 

The light rail system of Hiroshima, titled “Hiroden” is just one of the glowing charms of a fully modern and infrastructure- powered city.

One of the brightest tourist spots for world travelers to a prominent city in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ is a beautiful Moving Streetcar Museum.

There are as many as 300 modern streetcar trams in Hiroshima that efficiently connect a buzzing and culturally dynamic city. 

as many as 70,000 lives succumbed to their untimely deaths in Nagasaki two days after Hirsoshima’s bombardment.

Japan did after all cause damage to as many as 188 US Air Crafts, killed 2400 Americans and further wounded 1700 individuals. 

A full scale planned Japanese invasion that would have accounted for 1 million American casualties, and hence opted for the use of the atomic bomb on Japan.

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