If you appreciate making new and unique meals in addition to enjoying eating them.

You might be quite interested in these Hollywood films that focus on food. Take a look at the following list of Hollywood films with a food theme:

Sideways-The plot of Sideways is focused on the lives of an unsuccessful writer and former teacher Miles and his actor buddy Jack, who is engaged to be married.

Chocolat-This one is about a lady and her daughter moving to a tiny French village and their daily lives there.

Tortilla Soup-Based on the lives of an experienced chef and his three daughters, this American comedy.

Ratatouille-This movie is about a young rat who is inspired to cook by a chef and does so without restrictions.

Chef-In the movie Chef, a talented chef leaves his position at a posh restaurant and promptly hires his son, buddy, and ex-wife to help him launch his food truck.

Waitress-The movie Waitress will inspire you to make some fantastic pies and will help you raise your baking game.

Burnt-In this one, the high-class chef (Adam) in a Persian restaurant that closes due to the owner's drug addiction is the main character.