We belong to a generation in which the people are struggling hard to become financially and socially stable.

 In their long run, they forget to spare even a second for their health and wellness.

Some people might prepare a planner to start, but will drop it within a week.

 It is not that we have to start with a vigorous workout. 

Here are some important and easy exercises to kick start your journey.

1)  Lunges-This exercise helps in maintaining a good flow of blood to the heart.

2)  Climbing the stairs-It is a simple and a powerful exercise.  It helps to lose the weight and to strengthen the muscles.

3)  Squats- It will tone the whole body and will give a perfect figure.

4)  Calf Raise-It helps in the stabilization and balance of the whole body. 

5)  Arm Circles-This exercise leads to the development of biceps and triceps.

6)  Bicycling-Lie flat on the floor, hold your knees, and do the pedaling action. 

7)  Jumping Jacks- It increases the heart rate, which eventually boosts more oxygen into the blood flow. 

8)  Pranayama-It lowers the blood pressures and helps in the steady level of cardio respiratory system.

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