Hammersmith in West London is a scenic and idyllic spot that captures the fancy of tourists.

In 1960, born to England’s great delight and Hollywood cinema’s superb luck was a man named Hugh Grant.

Today, he is 55 year old and still looks in his mid-thirties. 

The dimpled cheeks, the hearty laughter, the ever smiling persona still hold the allure of the charming Hugh John Mungo Grant.

Grant earned a scholarship to “New College” at the prestigious Oxford University.

It was here, that he made his first film, released only in England titled ‘Privileged’.

By the time of the early eighties, Hugh Grant was already a hot feature in the most exciting high affair parties of Central

Starring in his first ever film, Maurice, made by the Ivory-Merchant productions, Hugh Grant broke out on the big screen.

Grant has made quite a name for himself whilst still romancing women who are much younger to his age.

 Hugh Grant’s status as an icon of suave and cool is not going to fade away any time soon

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