Indian street cuisine is inexpensive, delectable, and well worth the price.

There is no other cuisine that has the flavour of Indian street food.

As a result, we have put up a selection of delicious street cuisine for you to enjoy!

1)  Gol Gappe-One of the street foods that no Indian can avoid is gol gappa. As a result, we have prioritised it at the top of our list.

2)  Chaat-It is another another popular street snack in the nation. It is created in various ways according on the state.

3)  Rolls-Street food rolls are particularly well-liked. They were essentially invented in Kolkata, thus the name "Calcutta Rolls."

4)  Bhelpuri-Bhelpuri is a light, cooling food similar to chaat. It is mostly consumed in Maharashtra and is in fact light, fresh, and nutritious.

5)  Vada Pav-Vada Pav is the most popular Vegetarian street food of Maharashtra. 

6)  Litti-Chokha-In Bihar, litti-chokha is a well-liked street snack. A cooked dough ball called Litti is filled with Sattu, a paste made of garlic, green chilli, and other spices.

7)  Momos-Momo is one of the most popular street snacks in Northern India even though it is not an indigenous Indian dish.

8)  Samosa-One of the best street dishes, it is enjoyed all around the nation. After all, who can resist samose?

9)  Chhole-Bhature-One of the tastiest foods that one may get on Indian streets, restaurants, and homes is chhole-bhature.

10)  Chowmein-Although it is undoubtedly a Chinese cuisine, the best flavour may be found in the Chowmein found in Indian neighbourhoods.