Numerous foods are listed as being among the healthiest in the world.

In reality, moderate alcohol use is beneficial to health.But despite having such a great excuse to drink, some people choose not to go the additional mile.

You know, it's not that horrible. Here are a few explanations:

1) Alcohol contains ethanol, which keeps the brain's neurons sharp and helps them resist deterioration.

2) The antioxidant xanthohumol found in beer helps to strengthen your immune system.

3. A good probability of discovering your true love.

4) The best remedy for a sore throat is whiskey.

5) Lowers the possibility of type 2 diabetes.

6) It's the ideal method for meeting new people!

7) Many physicians (real physicians who graduated from real medical colleges) advise drinking one glass of red wine every night to reduce the risk of heart disease.

8) A vodka shot truly aids in the elimination of foul breath.