For the most part of history, the media and journalists have been considered pillars that make up the fourth estate

However, today of late, the Indian media in particular has attained a rather unwanted moniker of being ‘paid media’. 

The latest case of Indian mediapersons coming under scrutiny is the Barkha Dutt tweet controversy. 

While many may argue about whether such decision-making does actually happen at academic levels.

The larger issue is about the complete lack of facts or evidence that is real enough to back the claims of Dutt.

Here are a few examples of journalistic direction gone badly wrong.

Both Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi ended up acting as auxiliaries for lobbyist Nira Radia vis-a-vis her connections with Ratan Tata. 

1) Radiagate

Indian Cricket controversy-Times Now ran a very vitriolic segment titled ‘Shamed in Sydney’ complete with a hashtag and opinions to match. 

2) Times Now

In 2015, actress Deepika Padukone slammed the Times of India on Twitter for promoting a derogatory piece featuring photos of her cleavage.

3) TOI-Deepikagate
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