After receiving a non-lymphoma Hodgkin's diagnosis, Jane Fonda started chemotherapy.

In a post published to her verified social media account, the venerable actress and activist made the statement.

"This malignancy is extremely curable. I consider myself very lucky because 80% of people survive "She composed.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is an immune system malignancy.

According to Fonda, who will undergo chemotherapy for six months, "the treatments are going fairly nicely."

Fonda started "Fire Drill Fridays" in 2019 as a civil disobedience campaign to bring attention to environmental issues.

Regarding her diagnosis, Fonda said, "Cancer is a teacher, and I'm paying attention to the lessons it offers for me.

The final season of "Grace and Frankie" on Netflix, starring Fonda, was completed in April.