Replete with natural beauty and situated on the northern coast of South America is the oil-rich country called Venezuela. 

Venezuela, mind you, is a country that’s no only considered to be among the most diverse nations in the world.

Ranked 17 currently in the list of mega-diverse nations

Here are the five things that have spelled chaos in Carolina Herrera-land:

1) Economic woes-Fundamentally, if one wishes to know how well is a country doing, then by simply by looking at its economy provides the answer.

2) Other problems-A growing climate of political corruption, ignorance and decay with the nation being saddled with deep economic crisis hurt its course of action.

3) A perpetual state of agony and distrust.-Venezuela just got a ‘self declared President in the form of Juan Gaido. 

4) Truth at ground zero-Even today, despite there being no dearth of political and economic upheaval, with the Venezuelan economy under bad weather, there seems to be optimism

5) There’s hyperinflation in Venezuela-Venezuela has more oil than even Saudi Arabia. yet  there’s a shortage of anything and everything- toilet paper, food, and even, antibiotics.

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