Revered as the deity of courage and strength, Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

We have curated a list of some interest facts about our dear Pawanputra that are unknown to most of you guys.

The ‘vermilion’ incident-Lord Hanuman loved and respected Lord Rama unconditionally, To prove this love, he once coated his body with vermilion dye (sindoor).

Issuing of death sentence by Lord Rama-Once Lord Rama was ordered by his Guru Vishwamitra to punish Hanuman to death (because Hanuman did not greet Vishwamitra)

Lord Bhima is the brother of Lord Hanuman-Bhima is also the son of the Lord of Winds (Vayudev)

Goddess Sita and Lord Rama’s picture was literally in Hanuman’s heart-To prove his love for Ram, he ripped his chest.

Divine lord’s various names-In Sanskrit language, there are 108 names of our beloved Pawanputra.

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