Kapil sharma is the highest-paid comedian in India, with a reportedly $45 million net worth (336 Crores ).

Sapna is a character played by Krushna Abhishek in the programme, and he has a net worth of about $3 million, or (22 crores).

Sumona chakravati, better known on-screen as "bhoori," is thought to be worth around $4 million (32 Crores).

Bharti Singh, a well-known comedian, is thought to be worth about $3 million (22 Crores).

The estimated net worth of Chandan Prabhakar, better known as Chandu, is $1.9 million, or (15 crores).

Rochelle Rao, a former Miss India International winner, is thought to be worth over $4 million, or (32 crores).

Kiku Sharda (Baccha Yadav) has an estimated net worth of around or $2.7 Million or (21 Crores).