The championship winner of 2016’s electrifying season would be only increased the intensity of the competition by delaying the inevitable. 

The Brazilian grand prix of 2016 was Formula One at its best with odds being stacked in favor of rains. 

 Very little of the traction that they could purchase from the slippery zany curves of Interlagos’ 71 lap madness persisted with Mercedes winning 1-2.

Given that ‘Trump’ is the word of the season: Lewis Hamilton.

Rosberg with 367 drivers points is 12 ahead of Hamilton who’s threatening to spoil Nico Rosberg’s party at Abu Dhabi.

This is Formula One where madness unfurls itself at least expected moments. 

But Robserg has been the hero that Formula One has been waiting to embrace, at least outside of Lewis Hamilton’s fandom. 

With the former telling F1 Race director Charlie Whitling the four letter word. 

We saw from Max Verstappen a dangerous cocktail of daring and brash racing, perhaps the best F1 has come to embrace since Senna’s volatile genius.

Spare a thought for Nico, who alike Hamilton has burnished his record books with 9 ecstatic 2016 victories and who still holds 12 point lead.

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