Sometimes strange meal pairings might taste perfectly fantastic and they leave an unforgettable experience that is eternally cherishing.

Here is a list of popular cuisines in India that are prepared in unconventional ways.

Chocolate Sandwich-The taste of this supremely delectable chocolate sandwich is going to last in your memory forever.

Vodka Panipuri-Try your favorite street food with a boozy twist and we bet you are never going to forget having vodka panipuri.

Chocolate Khakras-Khakras taste even better when paired with chocolate flavor which is why chocolate khakras are a must try snack.

Schezwan Dosa-Schezwan Dosa would give your favorite South Indian dish a tinge of spiciness and you are going to love it.

Maggie Panipuri-A stuffing of the oh-so-popular Maggie noodles in panipuri can be a spicy thing to try.

Pav Bhaji Fondue-Dipping pav slices in a hot bowl of gravy like bhaji can be an absolute treat to the tongue.

Ice Cream Vada Pav-Try the good old vada pav with ice cream and thank us later for suggesting ice cream vada pav.

Pav Bhaji Dosa-This scrumptious recipe would fill your plate with a blast of flavors.

Spinach Pasta-All of us have tried and loved pasta in white sauce, red sauce and even mixed sauce but trust us the one in spinach sauce is both healthy and tasty.

Tandoori Spring Rolls-Spring rolls are almost everyone’s favorite Chinese food. Imagine having the ones coated with tandoori sauce; a tasty treat we bet!