Young Guru has made it clear that JAY-Z did indeed deliver his featured line on DJ Khaled's album single "GOD DID," which is currently at the top of the Billboard list, in only one take.

On Sunday, September 4, Guru published a slideshow of two images from the recording session for HOV's verse on Instagram.

both of which display a single audio recording for the whole session.

JAY-longtime Z's engineer not only reiterated his previous assertions in the post's lengthy description.

but also described the meticulous planning HOV does before entering the recording booth to record a verse of that calibre.

Young Guru wrote, "This is the first and only time I'm going to do this."

Being able to perform a song in one take is only an added perk of talent. What matters is the song.

By describing how he thinks he cheated the delivery of the verse, JAY-Z appears to be downplaying the significance of Young Guru's assertion.

"I was just rapping over like, any portion, it was repeating and drops was happening in the wrong place," JAY-Z admitted to DJ Khaled.