It is extremely sad to even address this phenomenal woman as the ‘Late’ Princess Diana.

 But for whatever short time she spent among those fortunate people who came to know her in her vulnerable, edgy, fast-paced 

Diana Spencer, who was hardly understood by a handful who delved deep to understanding her ecstatic yet somber, deep yet poignantly sad persona 

Diana would have never thought that she would one day be matching those neatly planted steps in communion with the Queen of England. 

Diana married Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales and the only son of her Majesty The Queen of England on July 29, 1981 

Diana’s great flamboyant personality and eloquence catapulted her to a world where thanks to her charm and beauty.

 She became more of a demi-goddess of England than being her Prince’s arm candy.

A young mother, Diana who was only 20 when she married gave birth to Prince William

The Jody Williams found and led international collation for banning landmines called for a complete stoppage for global use of landmines.

In meeting a poor kid dying of AIDS, Diana was as humble and teary eyed as she was modest and loving in her display of affection toward Mother Teresa.

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