The scandalous D.H. Lawrence classic is adapted by French director Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, who celebrates the sensual.

These days, rappers make songs about "wet-ass pussies," while in "Blonde," Ana de Armas portrays a presidential assassination.

It's difficult to picture a society in which a few four-letter words are sufficient to cause a book to be banned.

More than simply the sex talk in D.H. Lawrence's infamous 1928 book "Lady Chatterley's Lover" infuriated the censors.

Because it "encouraged adultery," the 1955 French film version was outlawed.

How does one approach Lawrence's divisive classic in the present, when audiences appear to have seen everything?

Emma Corrin, who made her name as the young Princess Di on Season 4 of "The Crown," has been cast as Lady C.

Due to Clifford's Great War wounds, his equipment was all but non-functional.

But because he wants an heir, he gives Constance the go-ahead to have an affair with another guy in the most covert manner.