Ever heard of such a thing where you have to eat a lot to shed weight?

 Sounds absurd but it is true and is being adopted by many people around the world.

The Ketogenic Diet or Ketosis Diet involves a high fat, adequate protein and low carbohydrate consumption.

 As it involves a high amount of fat, the diet forces the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates. 

The liver converts this fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies to replace glucose and act as an energy source, especially to the brain.

 Everything apart from these should be avoided, including alcohol, fruits, sugary foods and grains.An ideal menu should include options such as: 

Breakfast – Bacon, Eggs & Tomatoes / Ham & Cheese Omelette / Fried Eggs With Bacon & Mushrooms

Lunch – Chicken Salad With Olive Oil & Feta Cheese / Burger With Salsa, Cheese & Guacamole / Handful Of Nuts & Celery Sticks With Guacamole & Salsa

Dinner – Salmon With Asparagus & Burnt Butter Sauce / Pork Chops With Cheddar Cheese & Vegetables / Chicken Stuffed With Pesto & Cream Cheese

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