This week, Stacey Dash experienced a jarring wakeup when she learned that DMX had passed away more than a year earlier.

Dash decried the disease of addiction in a tear-filled TikTok video, which she later shared on Instagram.

She said, "I didn't know DMX passed away. "I didn't know, from an overdose of cocaine. He was defeated by the addiction demon.

However, DJ Hurricane of the Beastie Boys fame was curious, asking, "Where have you been? 'Under a rock?'

In April 2021, DMX passed away in White Plains Hospital in White Plains, New York, following an alleged drug overdose and heart attack.

DMX was a fierce warrior who never gave up. He had a deep love for his family, and we treasure the times we had with him.

"Earl's music touched the hearts of many listeners all across the world, and his legendary legacy will endure forever.

As we mourn the passing of our brother, father, uncle, and the person the world knew as DMX, kindly respect our privacy.

"Earl Simmons passed away peacefully with relatives present after having a catastrophic heart arrest," the White Plains Hospital personnel continued.

What DMX and his team had anticipated would be his "comeback" record was just about to be released.