Vampire Diaries actress Kat Graham has opened up about being the "only minority" on the show. In an exclusive interview with Express., the actress who portrayed Bonnie Bennett on the popular show, opened up about her experience filming the show.

I was always the odd one out, she said. On the show, I was the only person of colour.

"I was already a little different" because I was the only performer and the only one who released [music] throughout the show.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Vampire Diaries actor explained how she would lie about her age in a bid to be a back-up dancer.

"I did back up dancing, but I was underage," Kat said.Because I was a minor, I couldn't actually go on tour as I wanted to with all the artists.

The singer disclosed that she devised a brilliant workaround for the situation.

So I would make up my age, get a little bit further, and then get caught, explained Kat.

Then I gradually started getting guest star bookings; I performed a lot of Disney-related work.