Every group has that one person who is insanely in love with food. 

But within this amazing world of Foodies, there are some distinguished kinds that tend to stand out from the crowd due to their unique connection with food. They are:

1) The Instagram Foodie-rrespective of the fact that the food is going cold, these foodies do not touch it without capturing the perfect shot to upload it on Instagram.

2) The Midnight Foodie-Their actual craving for food occurs way past the normal hours of eating.

3) The Moody Foodie-It is hard to know what is a hit and what is a miss with this foodie.

4) The Dieting Foodie-This foodie friend might be thin as a stick but will still diet to maintain that figure and miss out on all the amazing flavours of the world.

5) The Experimental Foodie-hey love to be adventurous and try new cuisines and new dishes to satiate their hunger for food.

6) The Organic Foodie-You might have seen them visiting the farmer’s market buying the most fresh ingredients around the place.

7) The Food-Loving Foodie-Every thought is consumed with the images of food.

8) The Forever-Broke Foodie-They never have money to buy food because they already spent it. On food.

9) The Snobbish Foodie-More is always less with this foodie and nothing seems to please them.

10) The Romantic Foodie-Biggest turn on ever = Food. (I know the feeling)