Why is Bruce Lee still so famously remembered today, nearly four decades after his death?

Bruce Lee, Known and respected for his charm, glorious film achievements, martial arts wizardry and a plethora of dynamic and supremely gifted talents

passions among which poetry and culminating a philosophy of street fighting stand apart, Bruce Lee was a fighter, explorer, spiritual warrior and a dragon

who seemed to be on a permanent quest to fathom the spiritual existence of life in the life as we know it.

A Legend who broke new ground-It would be incorrect to hail him singularly for those grand oriental martial arts movies that broke traditional norms and grounds of action film making

Bruce doesn’t even rest today-Lee has not been allowed to rest in peace!He was the only visible benchmark men and young boys measured themselves with, he was a harbinger of hope.

Jeet Kun Do and beyond-Bruce Lee crafted to perfection a symbol adapting flexibility and self defence through the creation of his signature fighting art Jeet Kun Do.

Enter the Dragon-In 1973, the year that marked the release of the great Warner Brother's production, directed and choreographed by Lee himself.

Martial arts and beyond-The man known for creating the one inch punch and a fighting philosophy

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