Late Rap Legend B.I.G's daughter T’yanna Wallace has posted a $1 million bond for her longtime boyfriend, Tyson Baldwin.

He was arrested on Wednesday (August 10) after a hit-and-run in which three people, including a mother and her child, were injured.

Baldwin, having a suspended license, fled the scene and ran into a group of pedestrians. He went to a mother,

her 2-year-old daughter and a food delivery man, who died of serious injuries. He finally surrendered to the authorities on Wednesday (17 August).

According to court records, documents filed in Queens Criminal Court list Wallace's $1.5 million Brooklyn home as collateral.

As alleged, the defendant was operating a vehicle with a suspended license when it struck and injured three pedestrians, including a small child - all mercilessly fleeing

a traffic stop. Were were Driving is a privilege and every person who gets behind the wheel of a car,

Takes personal responsibility to drive safely. The respondent is now facing very serious charges."