The shift from a college to a corporate environment will bring an interesting phase of people and culture in your life.

We bring you the most likely characters you will see.

The Joker-The clown of your department. From well-timed jokes to sarcasm sharper than your landlord’s voice, he or she will keep things easy.

The Hottie-There will always be that one stunner who blows out the winds of a rainy Monday every time he or she crosses your cubicle. 

The Perfectionist-This colleague will never skip a single task, but rather wrap up early and ask for more! 

The Idealist-He/she will constantly look for some sort of greater calling beyond the cold calls you have to make in return for maa-behen at work.

The Intern-The runt of the pack, he/she will be do the grunt work, possibly be paid a pittance (that you know all too well)

The Roastmaster-For better or worse, corporate culture dictates that this is likely your superior or the ‘top dog’ at work.

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