Kon’nichiwa! Hello and welcome to the realm of Japanese cuisine, where sushi is everywhere.

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish made with cooked rice and other ingredients including raw fish, vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits.

Wasabi, soy sauce, or pickled ginger are typical accompaniments.

Sushi literally translates to taste sour.Modern sushi is a rapid snack that can easily be consumed with one's hands.

Although there are many different varieties of sushi, they all share rice that has been fermented with vinegar.

 Sushi may be categorised generally into five types:

1) Makizushi-Rice, along with fish or other ingredients, is wrapped up in Nori (seaweed)/thin cucumber/soy paper and made into a roll using a bamboo mat. 

2) Chirashizushi-A rice bowl called chirashizushi, or "scattered bowl," is topped with a variety of foods like fish, vegetables, and fruits.

3) Inarizushi-It is a deep fried tofu pouch which is filled with vinegared rice. 

4) Nigirizushi-This sushi was made by manually pressing the rice into a rectangle shape and topping it with wasabi and a fish piece (salmon, eel, tuna, etc.).

5) Oshizushi-Oshizushi is a type of "box sushi" that is shaped using a wooden mould (oshibako). This is one type of sushi where the fish is never served raw but rather cooked or cured.