The financial capital, Mumbai, is known for not regularly facing power outages apart from the load-shedding in certain areas. 

One of the biggest reasons for this is that power cuts can cause major interference with the city’s business activities.

 Local train services (which is the lifeline of the city), and moreover, the city gets most if it’s electricity from privately-owned power suppliers.

However, there have been certain instances wherein the city has faced sudden power cuts that shook the nation:

1) On 26th July 2005, the peculiarly heavy rainfall brought Mumbai to a standstill. For several hours most parts of the city were in darkness. 

2) On 5th October 2017, a shortfall of 2000 megawatt left Mumbai facing a massive shortage of electricity. 

3) On 12th October 2020, around 50 lakh households and businesses across the city suffered power cuts. 

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