One of India’s most meaningful contributions to the larger world is Yoga. 

Yoga has redefined the way we think, view and reflect on the world and our place in it, impacting our communication and place in the greater cosmos.

Lets attempt to place Yoga in India’s national and international canvass and trace the reasons for its magnanimous popularity.

1) Yoga for Unity-Yoga was derived from the Sanskrit word, “Yuj” which means ‘to control’ and ‘to unite’.

2) The flavour of America-According to estimates, there are a mammoth 18 million practitioners of Yoga in North America alone.

3) Carrying Yoga to the West-It is often an unacknowledged fact that Yoga didn’t stand a chance to be recognised and hailed in the West had it not been for Shri Aurobindo.

4) The oneness with the universe-For the communion with the divine, we need to practice awareness. Yoga is all about giving us a levitating force that enables us to reach this awareness.

5) Battling popular misconceptions-On the contrary, Yoga has struck a chord with the general public for its ability to make us strong and durable.

6) all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, in never ending cycles, all things and phenomenon.

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