From being the perfect companion of cheese to being Tyrion Lannister’s best friend, wine is just about good in doing anything.

Wine Alert:

There are mainly two popular types of wine – Red Wine and White Wine.

White wine color can be straw – yellow, yellow – green or yellow- gold. The four basic types of White Wine are:

White wine 

The taste can fluctuate from being extremely sweet (floral and herbal elements) to extremely acidic (kefir lime or lime juice).

1) Riesling

It is generally served with foods such as salad, poached fish and mild flavored cheeses.

2) Pinot Gris

It has an extremely tart taste with a hint of some exotic fruit (honeydew melon or passion fruit). 

3) Sauvignon Blanc-

It is a full bodied wine that often has a caramel/butterscotch/cinnamon flavor.

4) Chardonnay

It is made from a variety of dark- colored grapes. The four basic types of Red Wine are:

Red Wine

Cranberry and rose flavored, it is a light-bodied wine that has a high level of acidity and can be paired well with pork, veal, chicken, soft cheeses and German food.

1) Pinot Noir

It is an end product of a variety of exotic fruits like overripe nectarine, raspberry, plum, blackberry and sweet tobacco.

2) Zinfandel

Also known as Shiraz, this is a full –bodied wine with flavors of blackberry, plum, tobacco, violet and black pepper. 

3) Syrah

This is a fruity wine that suggests a flavor of blackberry, black current and cedar. 

4) Cabernet Sauvignon
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