Upper-lip piercings and tracksuits with the phrase "juicy" plastered across the buttocks are some trashy items that guys dislike.

As one may infer from the internet discussion, she likes hoop earrings, old woman scent, ballerina shoes, long nails, and bright lip colours.

Some even question women who act as though they had a lot of guys interested in them.

Yokohama11, a user, clarified: "That frequently works on a lady.

When a man attracts several ladies, women will pursue or attempt to seduce him.

High waist pants were also specifically targeted and one user wrote, "They remind me of my mother, and her mother before her.

They also give anyone who isn't slim a bloated appearance around the waist and hips.

Aside from all of this, the key query is: what qualities does a woman not search for in a man?