There are one – woman men and then there are several – women men. 

I know men who need a different woman every night (or day), and I know men who have been with their soul mates for the longest time 

 Those who are into happy marriages (if there is a thing like that). Let’s talk about womanizers, In General.

1)  PLAYERS VS CHEATERS-Some might say (in their defense) not to hate the player but to hate the game.‘Cheaters’ on the other hand are liars who want to put their ‘pants’ on fire.

2)  OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS-If a man is good looking and has a stable job, He is worth dating. Chances are, there is a huge population of women with the same viewpoint.

3)  A FRIEND ‘IN NEED’ STAYS A FRIEND-A friend with benefits rarely gets promoted to a long term girlfriend.

4)  YOU CANT CHANGE A WOMANIZER-Nope! Hope against hope, but you cant change him into a ‘monogamous’ boyfriend or husband.

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